SEO Tips: 17 SEO Myths

SEO is a powerful, but easily misunderstood online marketing strategy. Webbege debunks the most widely-spread SEO tips and myths.

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SEO Tips

Have you been misinformed with any of these SEO tips?

SEO may play an important role in your marketing plan for 2017. However, there is a fair amount of false information about SEO that can be hard for a new learner to identify. One of the SEO myths that we have seen online is that “SEO is a scam.” To the uninformed, SEO may seem confusing and unpredictable. However, we have found that SEO is the best long-term investment to improve the search engine ranking of your website and drive visitor traffic. We created this guide to inform you about the truth about SEO. Here is a preview of one of our SEO tips: build website links into your content to reputable articles. This process improves the credibility of your content in the ranking algorithms of major search engines. We debunk 17 of the most popular SEO myths to help you create a more focused online marketing strategy. Download our 17 SEO Myths Guide and use these SEO tips for your next campaign.
Identify on-page elements that improve your SEO.
Discover content topics and schedules that can affect your SEO.
Determine the impact of off-page SEO to lift your online marketing success.