B2B Website Design

A Complete guide for your next B2B Website Design Project

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B2B Website Design

Is your website delivering the best content to the visitors that matter the most? Get more out of your B2B website design with this guide. Many websites cater to themselves rather than their potential buyers. Get a step by step process on how to redesign your next company website to maximize your leads.

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How this guide will help:

  • Create persona's for target clients
  • Identify Buyer's Journey and create a marketing agenda
  • Organize and plan content ideas 

  • Build out design plans for your new website
  • Analyze marketing plans with Inbound Methodology
  • Write exceptional content that delivers the best value to your audience
Chapter 1: B2B Website Design
  • TalentBoard B2B Website Design
  • Cask B2B Website Design
  • Redtail B2B Website Design

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The Buyers Persona:

How to research and create target audiences to attract visitors. 

Inbound Methodology: 

A Quick guide on setting up Marketing and the Buyers Journey for you B2B Website.

Brand Recognition:

Defining your company brand and setting up SEO to get your website going.

Web Design:

Where does it all fit? How to start designing your B2B Website.

Click to Download our  B2B Website Redesign Guide

Wrapping It Up:

How to check analytics and keep your website updated.

Khalil joined in 2016 and brings a wealth of knowledge in marketing and all things Ramen. Khalil stays up to date on best practices in marketing to ensure everything he does is current and effective. He played rugby at UCSD as a hooker and takes that discipline, focus and teamwork from the field to his work.

Khalil Kanbar


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