Web Design in 2017

Your end goal is a beautiful website that your users will love. Now, how do you get there? There are web design, development, and maintenance costs that you have to work into your budget. Before the specifics, though, you have to take time to know your users in detail and develop a website around their needs. We cover all the angles to help you develop a roadmap for a responsive website that your users will love.

11 Dynamic Web Design Trends for 2017

Designing a Website to Meet Your User’s Needs

Looking to develop a website for your business? We take you through the steps involved in creating a business, starting with defining your brand and your target audience. Our approach helps you understand how your website will help you attract new leads, using the Inbound Methodology. By the end, you should be able to set realistic goals for your website.

Website Costs and The Impact to Your Bottom Line

We break down the costs that come up with your new website design and development. Once you understand the website costs, you can plan your budget accordingly. We detail setup, design, development, and maintenance costs. The impact to your bottom line is to generate leads for your sales team.

Technical Web Design Advice

Get ready for a little nitty gritty of web design. We help you get started using WordPress, the most widely-used web development platform. We became WordPress experts by working with our clients to design and develop responsive websites. Our web developers share a few tips to approach your design decisions.



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Web Design Trends and Award-Winning Websites

The web design industry often changes its direction to get to its goal of responsive web design. In 2017, web design experts have fallen in love with animations, rapid prototyping, two-tone color schemes, and microinteractions. We looked up websites that have won awards for their creative and functional designs.

Industries that We Serve

Versatility is the name of our game. Industries as diverse as Biotechnology, Higher Education, and Technology have come to us for their web design needs. The key is to understand the needs of both our clients and our clients’ users.

Our Web Design Services

Since 2009, we have offered a variety of web design services to clients locally and nationally. We take pride in our web design process and know WordPress like the back of our hands. Check out how we can work with you to create a website that will continue to grow in the future.

Click to Download Our  B2B Website Redesign Guide