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Chapter Five:

Wrapping It Up

If you kept up with our Business Website Design tutorial this is the final step of the website design process. It’s now time to keep up with the maintanance and content. Creating a timeline for scheduled postings, maintenance and updates is great to keep your website ahead of your competition. As said in the Inbound Methodology blog, collecting emails is a crucial piece of your online marketing. Organize your contacts in lists, and separate them out. This will help you prepare and send out email blasts by knowing where everyone is at in the Buyer’s Journey.

Make sure to check on your site biweekly, and update your website metrics. Keep in touch with your marketing team to make sure you’re on the right path and reaching your goals. Always update your SMART goals, and re-evaluate your goals as necessary. If you have more questions, feel free to get a free marketing review and we can help!

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B2B Website Design

Smart Goals:

Be sure to set SMART goals for your website and marketing efforts. Your goals must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. Create an excel sheet or table identifying the overall goal of your site. Below is an example of a monthly goal for a website. This will help you and future employees learn to recognize improvements and mistakes.


If you excelled past your goal, challenge yourself for more. If you did not meet your goal, do not stress. Analyze the information, and see if the goal was set too high. Take a look at your website, and see where people left off or how long they stayed. Heat mapping programs can show where your customers click and how long the stay in that location. This tool is great for determining how to manipulate your website to get clicks throughout it.


Keeping track of where your visitors come from will also be important. HubSpot provides great tools on monitoring and measuring the success of these channels. Knowing where you get your visitors from will help you drive more content in that location and grow your business more. All the tools are available for marketing, you just put your best foot forward, and take the ride.


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Take your time, and test out all of your programming, small mistakes can cause the website to crash. Configure all the little details, and see how your website looks on multiple devices. Remember to properly format them for tablets and smartphones too. If not optimized for mobile users, your website will be flagged by Google. Google requires to have a mobile-friendly site. If not, crawlers will not go through, and you will lose a big portion of your SEO. If you found this and our previous blogs helpful, down the full B2B Website Design guide! If you still have questions let us know and we will give you a free website review and go over a plan.


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You're Done!

The Buyers Persona:

How to research and create target audiences to attract visitors. 

Inbound Methodology: 

A Quick guide on setting up Marketing and the Buyers Journey for you B2B Website.

Brand Recognition:

Defining your company brand and setting up SEO to get your website going.

Web Design:

Where does it all fit? How to start designing your B2B Website.

B2B Website Design

Chapter 5

Wrapping It Up:

How to check analytics and keep your website updated.

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